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          1. program

            As a part of the program surrounding Forest Law, BAK hosts "Over the Ruins of Amazonia: Colonial Violence and De-colonial Resistance at the Frontiers of Climate Change", a lecture by Paulo Tavares, followed by a Q&A with Ursula Biemann on Monday 23 November 2015 at 19.00 hrs.
          2. publications

            BAK and Valiz proudly present Future Publics (The Rest Can and Should Be Done by the People): A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art. For more information about the book, please see here.
          3. program

            On view at BAK till 29 November 2015 the exhibition Forest Law, in which work by Ursula Biemann and Paulo Tavares is presented. Swiss video researcher and artist Ursula Biemann has long been interested in the ecologies and uneven distribution of the Earth’s resources, peoples, and information. For this exhibition she is joined by Paulo Tavares, a Brazilian architect and urbanist who studies the politics of space and indigenous resistance in the Amazon, in the collaborative production of Forest Law (2014), a two-channel video-installation and photo-text assemblage. The exhibition also includes the works by Biemann, Deep Weather (2013) and Subatlantic (2015).
          4. research

            In 2015 BAK prolongs its research program Future Vocabularies (2014–2016) and focusses on its chapter Human-Inhuman-Posthuman, which is developed in dialogue with BAK Research Fellow Professor Rosi Braidotti and organized in collaboration with the Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht University, Utrecht. More information can be found here.