1. bak
            presents new exhibition
          1. In the Stomach of the Predators, a two-part exhibition by Berlin-based artists, curators, and theorists Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann, explores the predatory logic of advanced capitalism. Stemming from their joint research in the last several years concerning the privatization of the commons through the cases of seeds, land rights, and intellectual property, these two distinct bodies of work employ the methods and languages of theatrical and filmic stagings (Creischer) and pictorial tableaux (Siekmann).

          2. bak
            1. New World Academy #5: Stateless Democracy unfolds as a nomadic learning platform over an extended period of time. Its inaugural session takes place on Tuesday, 21 October 2014, at 19.30 hrs in the form of a conference titled Stateless Democracy: The Revolution in Rojava Kurdistan at De Balie, Amsterdam.

              New World Academy (NWA) is an educational platform that invites stateless political organizations to exchange with artists and students on the role of art and culture in political struggle. It is established by artist Jonas Staal in collaboration with BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, and functions as a department of the New World Summit, an artistic and political organization dedicated to developing parliaments for organizations banned from democracy. This fifth session of NWA, titled Stateless Democracy, is brought to life with the Kurdish Women’s Movement. Unlike the previous four sessions, NWA #5 is envisioned as a nomadic platform that unfolds over an extended period of time and is realized in collaboration with various individual and institutional partners in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and internationally. 

            2. bak
              1. BAK and Valiz release a new reader within the BAK Critical Reader series, titled Future Publics (The Rest Can and Should Be Done by the People): A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art, edited by Maria Hlavajova and Ranjit Hoskote. The anthology traces the emergence of a new constellation of publics, who, while questioning existing forms of aesthetic and political representation, place new demands on the cultural field and its institutions.

                Contributors include: Nancy AdajaniaAriella Azoulay, Amelia Barikin and Nikos PapastergiadisBassam El Baroni, Manuel Beltrán, David Graeber and Michelle Kuo, Tom HolertBrian Holmes, Geert LovinkElżbieta Matynia and Joanna Warsza, Simon Sheikh, Jonas Staal, and Stephen Wright. Read more
                1. November 2014

                    1. Program
                    exhibition by Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann
                    BAK, Utrecht
                    part of the semesters on Survival (Spring and Autumn 2014)
                2. December 2014

                    1. Program
                    lecture by Maria Hlavajova at the second On Mediation training seminar
                    University of Barcelona, Barcelona
                3. January 2015

                    1. Program
                    exhibition developed by Territorial Agency, Armin Linke, and Anselm Franke
                    BAK, Utrecht
                    part of the semester on Human-Inhuman-Posthuman (Spring 2015)